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Can't Login to Wordpress Admin - 2 Simple Fixes

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Two Solutions to the Problem: Wordpress changed URL home page not found cannot login

Quite often a Wordpress user will alter a setting on their blog that will make that site unreadable.  It will lock the adminstration section in a way that will cripple the Blog and not allow the user to make the rather simple fix.  This is usually caused by an incorrect redirect by the Blog admin.  

Often times an admin will determine that the best way to create a static front page will be to alter the Site Address (URL) in the wp-admin section.  They will often include the full site URL with the page that they wish to be the static front page of the site.  What this will actually do, is to assume that every page on the site should be served up from that location.  This will result in many 404's (file not found) errors.  This will also lock you out of the admin and eliminate the ability to change it back easily.

Wordpress Site URL change


Now, I don't want to tell you that if you had read the Wordpress documentation "Getting started with Wordpress" that this wouldn't have happened.  However, if you had read the Wordpress documentation "getting started with Wordpress" this wouldn't have happened!

Fortunately, there are 2 relatively simple fixes.  I say "relatively" simple because it will depend on your skill level and/or the tools available to you.

Wordpress Address URL fix number 1: Access your database via phpMyAdmin or similar database management program.

If you are familiar with how to directly access your database, this is a simple fix.  
Log in to your database with phpMyAdmin
Click on the link to reach your databases and choose your Wordpress database
Your data tables will appear on screen. From the table list, locate the table titled "wp_options". Please note, that your table could have a different name. It will be similar, but might begin with a different table prefix.
Click on the wp_options table and then click on the "Browse" icon or tab.
The table will open and will include the fields located in that table. You need to locate the field named "option_name" and then locate the row with the value of "siteurl".  In many cases, this will be the first row.  
Click the "edit field" icon (usually a small pencil)
In the input box (textarea) for option_value change the URL information to your proper address (ie:
Once your value is correct, click "Go" to save this change

That is it.  Your site, and the wp admin section, should be accessible once again. 

Wordpress Address URL fix number 2: Alter your wp-config.php file to include the following lines:


Your wp-config.php file should be located in the root directory of your site.  To get there you will need to use an FTP program such as leechFTP.  Many developers will simply use the built in FTP in a program such as Adobe Dreamweaver. 

Log into your site files via FTP and then locate the 'wordpress' directory.  The file should be located there.  Download the current copy.  Add the 2 lines of code from above and upload the changed file to the same location.

Once completed,your site should be accessible again.

The above fix isn't ideal since it is hardcoding the change.  Any hardcoded change can be overwritten with an update to the core program.  To avoid this, log in to your WP Admin section and change the setting for the WordPress Address (URL) to the correct location. Using the above example, that would be
Save this change and then delete the 2 lines of code that you added to your wp-config.php file.

Unfortunately, many who use Wordpress will not have a clue how to access their database.  For those who do, this article will point you to the exact location (data table and field name) to change this setting.

For those who are not familiar with accessing their database (Wordpress will always have a database), you can contact us at BadgerMedia and ask us to fix it for you.  You can reach us by phone at 716-514-8882.  We will be happy to handle the task for a noinal fee.  We can usually fix this issue within minutes.  That's right, you could spend the next couple of hours trying to figure it out, or you could give us a call and eliminate this headache from your plate. Make the call.

Change Your Wordpress Tagline

Many folks who jump into the creation of their own website will do so via Wordpress.  Wordpress is a fantastic platform that makes publishing your own website rather easy.  There are a number of beginner mistakes when using wordpress.  One of the primary ones is keeping the default "settings" content in Wordpress.  You can tell that somoene jumped right in without modifying their Wordpress settings when you see the tagline "Just another Wordpress Blog".  Try a Google Search, you will be amazed at home many there are (78,400,000 as of this writing).

Each Wordpress Blog provides a Tagline.  I am going to assume that you are using a default Wordpress theme.  Custom themes will often alter this as part of the customization.

For this example, we are going to take a look at the site  Let's assume that you simply need to change the tagline on your page.  As you can see the current tagline is:
Free woodworking plan every day. Blueprints and free plans

Wordpress Tagline

To change the tagline, simply login to your Wordpress Blog (most are In the left hand column you should see your primary navigation (This assumes Wordpress version 3.2). In the navigation, scroll down to "Settings" (expand with the little down arrow if it isn't already) and the click on "General".

Wordpress settings change

On the settings page, you will see a couple of items near the top of the page

  • Site Title
  • Tagline

Wordpress tagline setting change

The tagline is the item that we wish to change. Type in your new tagline, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save Changes". Refresh your site and you should see the change.

Once again: Keep in mind that some templates or themes will hard code the tagline, place it as part of an image, or include a setting to modify from within the "Theme Settings". This tutorial is for most Wordpress installs.

If you are having trouble and would like us to take a look at your Wordpress installation, please contact us today. Most inquiries are answered within an hour.

How to do a Redirect From a Free Wordpress Site to a Hosted Site

For many, you will start out life on the web with a free Blog site from Wordpress, Blogger, Movable Type, etc.  There may come a time when you have outgrown the free hosted blog site and decide it is time to step up to your own domain name.  

Lost Google Rankings - SELL, SELL, SELL!

A fond farewell to Google from a Panda Victim This is a terrific post from a thread.  This is the story of a Webmaster who had a site that did tremendously well for 10 years. The site provided a lifestyle to him, and his family, that he couldn't imagine.  One day, Google's algorythm decided his site was no longer worthy of the top listings that they garnered.  The site income was slashed about 50%.  

Did the site owner throw a tantrum and sue Google for their fail to value his content as they had in the past? No! This webmaster was a realist who understood that he was at the mercy of those who had provided him so much over the years. This change was expected. From the tone of his post, he was surprised it lasted as long as it had.  

After the Panda / Farmer update, he decided to sell the business and move on.  This business provided his family with a 10 year income that allowed them to experience home ownership and some sleepless nights.

Selling the site might not be a bad idea if he wants to reduce the stress level in his life. As he describes his next venture it is clear that he doesn't want to become dependent on one entity the way Google has allowed many of us to do. What some are surpised about is that he has no hard feelings:

It'll be our hard work that either makes or breaks the business, not some damn algorithm. So goodbye Google and like Douglas Adams, said - So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish, or in this case, money.

Thanks for sharing your story 'Travelin Cat'.


SEO Copywriting's Best Free Cheat Sheet

Many people ask why SEO's are so willing to share information with others.  There are many reasons for such open communication and sharing of ideas (secrets) and I have listed the primary ones below.

  • Link Bait
    SEO cheat sheet as as link bait A useful resource, such as the attached SEO Copywriting Guide, will drum up a number of quality links for the publisher. Heck, look at this post.  We are linking back to the source document giving the writer a link in from an on topic site who thought enough of the content to be sure to link using some good anchor text. You can't buy that kind of promotion... Actually, you can buy that, but Google doesn't look too kindly on the link buyers. 
  • Spider Food
    As a web site owner, you want to be 100% certain that the search engines (primarily Google, Bing, and Yahoo) know what your site is about. High quality content, that isn't a duplicate of something that you already have (or another site already has), is the best way to be sure your content is laser focused and indexed well by search engines like Google.
  • 99.9% Rule
    In most cases, 99.9% of the readers of a guide or how-to won't bother putting the information into practice.  Because of that, sharing is often widespread.  

Bear in mind, most SEO's are not sharing EVERYTHING.  They will often hint at tactics, but they won't usually share every bit of what is working for them.

Take this attached guide for what it is worth. Read it, throw it in the trash, do what you will.  The writer doesn't care either way. His value has already been extracted.

LINK: SEO Copywriting Cheat Sheet

Was Panda 2.5 Rolled back?

Is Google Rolling back Panda Farmer update

In late September 2011, Google rolled out an update to their algorithm that was designed to clean up much of the low quality content that was bubbling up in the search results.  This content was the type of content that provided very poor user experience and reflected on the quality (perceived or real) of Google's search results.  Google is constantly tweaking their search algorithmn and the latest has come to be known as Panda, and then Panda 2.5 with September 2011 update. Some are also referring to this directive as "Farmer".  This is a reference to the sites that it is supposedly meant to filter out of the search results.  The "Content Farms". 

When people suggest that poor quality content is subjective, I would suggest that you search on "how to determine the issuing bank based on your credit card number".  An eHow article (at the time of my search) would have suggested you turn your card over and look on the back. No really, it stated that.  I was searching for some sort of sequence of digits in the card number, eHow suggested turning the card over and looking on the back.  How they came to rank better than a site that suggested I search the Bin DB can be summed up by the fact that SEO was involved and is further proof that SEO practices work, for good and for bad. 

Panda 2.5 had a major impact on many large content sites.  Some say it was the reason for the shift in strategy by Demand Media.  Demand Media is primarily known for its property.  I am one of the few believers, in my community, that feel that Demand Media (and eHow) is perhaps one of the most compelling stories on the web today.  They have a massive outline of topics that are being searched on.  Many of their articles were light and fluffy and didn't answer the questions that their original title writer intended them to. After all, that was an SEO strategy.  Hiring writers, video teams, and graphic designers to fill the outline in with quality content will turn eHow into a monster property that will be an incredibly useful one for users. 

As of 10/07/2011 or 10/08/2011, Panda 2.5 appears to have been rolled back or altered.  Perhaps the sampling of sites that were harmed by the update didn't meet the expectations of the Google engineers involved.  Perhaps Google saw that many of those sites were providing tremendous value to them in terms of advertising revenues.  They may have decided that the 2.5 update was too radical and sweeping and had to be something that was more targeted.  Back to the drawing board? 

Only time will tell whether Panda 2.5 will rear its ugly head again.  I agree with the purpose, however the execution will ultimately prove to be incredibly difficult.

Steve Jobs passes at 56

Steve Jobs dies at 56 

There are certain times when you feel like someones passing will affect us all.  

When jobs stepped down from Apple I felt sad that this person who was so passionate about making sure the devices that we all use was no longer going to be the steward of devices that I love.  It is incredible how many people were moved by the passing of one man... one stranger.

Zip Code Database for $5.00

If you work with web sites that require a zip code database, you will find quite a range of prices across the web.  You can find some older data very "cheap", but that might not do you much good.

Back in the day, I used to pay $249 for a subscription to a zip code lookup service.  Ah, how times have changed.  I found this site today while working with some Google Maps custom tag code. 

If you are looking for an instant download of zip code data, try the following: 

The price is certainly right ($5.00)

USA Zip Code Database

Matt Cutts Discusses Rick Santorum

Matt Cutts on SEO. Rick Santorum discussed on The Colbert Report

The recent flap over the Rick Santorum listing and rankings at Google highlight the fact that the engine can be gamed to some degree.  The fact that there isn't a lot of fight in a single space makes it ripe for abuse.  When someone jumps in at the very beginning of a search term taking hold, they can gain quite a footing in the space.  


Matt Cutts just added to his celebrity status with a nice mention on The Colbert Report.  His geek cred might just be headed mainstream.  He has the temperment and appears to be they type of personality that can handle a little boost.


Video Below:


Dilbert's Reaction to Black Hat SEO


When insider talk reaches the mainstream, the market might have already moved elsehwere.