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Web Development

At BadgerMedia offer web development solutions for those in need of a website built from scratch, those looking to rebuild an existing site to bring it to current expectations, or those businesses looking for enhanced development on an existing platform to optimize for SEO, conversions, and user experience.

Online Marketing

A well developed website is only half the battle. Without an audience, your business will fail to thrive as it could.  BadgerMedia has experience marketing online since 1997.

Terms like SEO, SEM, PPC, and SMM need to be part of your marketing vocabulary and we will help you get there.

Consulting & Training

There is no better experience than to teach a client how to do our job without us.  Rather than trying to keep our clients in the dark, we look to share knowledge that will bring our client to another level.

Our web and marketing consulting service is performed as-needed or on-call. We are experienced in virtually every aspect of online marketing and development and can work with you to train an in house individual (or team).

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